Sunday, January 8, 2012


It's all about equal rights...
Men who support Manuary do not shave for the month of January.  At the slightest provocation they will tell you it's the manly man way to raise awareness, support research, and work toward a cure for prostate cancer.  Did you know that the chances of a man getting prostate cancer is 100%--if the man lives long enough? 
Hey, we ladies have Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, why can't the guys get a month for their own problems?
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  1. As a participant in the Manuary efforts, I have to say it has been a blast to see my friends' various responses to the ridiculous hair that is trying to grow out of the different parts of my face. It's a fun way to bring up an important issue and just gives me an excuse to wear a different persona for the month. Everybody should check it out. And don't forget to attend your local "Manuary Ball," usually held at your downtown bar!