Monday, January 20, 2020

We Too Have a Dream

Going through some old publications last night, I came across an article in the September/October 1983 issue of Palestine Perspectives that quoted a message from Mr. Yasser Arafat, then Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, expressing solidarity with the March on Washington and its commitment to human rights. The message was sent in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the celebrated March during which Dr. King give his I Have a Dream speech.

On behalf of my brothers in the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization and in the name of the Palestinian people who are struggling to achieve their redemption from the yoke of occupation, discrimination, and oppression and for the enjoyment of their inalienable rights to self determination, statehood, return to their homeland, and freedom, we wish to commend your efforts in bringing hundreds of thousands of Americans to Washington to commemorate the historic march led by the great martyr Dr. Martin Luther King.
We the Palestinian people are heartened by this great development which we believe reflects the true commitment of the American people to build a new coalition of conscience that represents the true soul of the American democracy.
We would like you to know that our people both in occupied Palestine and in exile lock arms with you on this occasion in fraternal solidarity with your struggle to achieve the dream of Dr. Martin Luther king for a new society where equality, justice, peace and love would prevail.
Palestinians: We too have a dream!


As a postscript, I was privileged to be present at both the first March in 1963, and the twentieth anniversary march in 1983. Sadly, the dream is slow in coming.

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