Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PLE spells Palestine at the Olympics

Some countries go to the Olympics in search of gold medals, but for others the mere sight of their own flag flying among the flags of the world is its own reward.

Follow the link below to read of hundreds of Palestinians gathering in Ramallah to see this scene—Judo player Maher Abu Rmeileh carrying the flag.

albawaba.com has an in-depth article featuring athletes from across the Arab world. Arabs spring into action: the dash to London 2012 at http://www.albawaba.com/slideshow/arab-olympics-2012-435440

L ooking for drama?  Try the story of Ali Khousrof (also Khousref or Khosrof), the Yemeni contender in judo.  Unfortunately, he lost his first match in the last minute, but the story of what he went through to reach the Olympics is inspiring.  Read the caption to this picture (9 of 13) in albawaba: Arabs spring into action: the dash to London 2012.

Sometimes it’s all about the journey.

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